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Oilfield / Downhole / Hydraulic Fracturing

Based in the oilfield sector, InfoChip has worked with drilling, fracking and offshore clients around the world.

Featured Equipment

  • Downhole tools
  • Flow line components (iron)
  • Pipe
  • Pumps & Valves
  • Hose
  • Rigging

Key Features

  • Embeddable ultra-durable RFID for downhole, subsea or surface deployment
  • Banded and epoxied RFID tags for high demand in this sector
  • Mobile application for on-site identification, inspections, inventory and replenishment
  • Online database with test certificates and inspection history
  • Integration to hydrostatic and MPI testing applications including API 6A/16A
  • Auto-email overdue schedules
  • Free end-user smart phone application for on-site identification and safety history