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RFID Everywhere!

With over five million RFID-tagged industrial assets, InfoChip is the leading developer of ultra-durable identification. Our customer-focused philosophy enables us to design, build, test and manufacture the highest quality RFID products. InfoChip is dedicated to providing custom manufactured and highly rugged RFID tag solutions intended for the most hazardous environments that require unique, ruggedized inventory and asset tracking solutions, such as Oil & Gas, Construction and Mining.

By embedding RFID transponders into metal or high-density synthetic carriers, RFID can now be used in extreme applications where the technology would not have worked in the past. InfoChip’s rugged RFID tag carriers allow customers to tag assets and equipment that are exposed to harsh environmental conditions—including extreme temperatures and exposure to oil, chemicals, water, dust and other contaminants—to enable asset management, inspection and compliance, maintenance, field service, and other applications. InfoChip’s solutions allow companies to deploy highly accurate automated data collection in conditions that would quickly destroy off-the-shelf RFID tags or traditional bar code labels.


InfoChip RFID HF Tags